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Edie Parker is a fan of coming out with a lot of various acrylic box clutches. Honestly when it comes to most, I don't pay too much attention because acrylic box clutches are nothing new. However every once in awhile, one has such a unique look that I can't help myself but take a closer look! That was the case when I saw the Edie Parker Jean Beckoning Cat Acrylic Clutch! What replica handbags can I say? I love the cute cat motif! If it wasn't for the name Beckoning Cat, some replica handbags uk people might not realize what this cat motif is really supposed to be. I knew the second I saw the paw raised up louis vuitton replica above the ears because I happen to have one at my house it's Maneki Neko! It is a fairly common Japanese replica designer handbags figurine and the name literally means "beckoning cat." Some people call them lucky cats because they are believed to bring good fortune. I have seen quite a few Maneki Neko figurines over the years, but I have never seen one depicted on a handbag of any kind. This is definitely a first for me and I think Edie Parker is genius! What I mean is, who wouldn't want a cute lucky charm in the form of a clutch? Overall, I like the appearance of this clutch as well. The colors are simple and I love the swirled acrylic look. Plus I love the gold glitter accents. They give this clutch just the right amount of glitz.